Chun-Kit Kan focusing on his laptop. He is sat in the window of a coffee shop in Macclesfield

Focus – It’s all about biology

I want to start by addressing the elephant in the room.

I do not believe in ‘The lore of attraction’ or ‘The secret’ or any other system where you ask a higher power to grant you success.

What does this have to do with Focus? Well…….

These ‘systems’ all tap into our biology and use our own bodies amazing systems to harness success through focus and dedication.

You may have heard before that your chances of doing something multiplies by many factors if you:

  • ‘Think’ you will do it.
  • ‘Say’ you will do it.
  • ‘Write’ you will do it.
  • ‘Share’ with others that you will do it.

This happens because your Reticular Activating System (RAS) kicks in and releases more endorphins to your brains network of neurons that creates alertness, drive and creativity.

All of which are needed to set goals,  spot opportunities, come up with ideas to achieve them and chase them.     

Now how to improve and even maximise your focus?

Start by taking the step and understanding how this works in your body below is an interesting article on the RAS without going into medical terminology.

Knowing if you respond better to visual, audio or physical prompts will go a long way to staying focused on and achieving your goals.

Revisiting these with someone you trust is essential in keeping focused and this is something that is on the agenda of every single client 121 I have. In some cases, it is a footnote or reminder and in others, it is a key element of us making progress or a key step forward.