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Focus – It’s all about biology

I want to start by addressing the elephant in the room.

I do not believe in ‘The lore of attraction’ or ‘The secret’ or any other system where you ask a higher power to grant you success.

What does this have to do with Focus? Well…….

These ‘systems’ all tap into our biology and use our own bodies amazing systems to harness success through focus and dedication.

You may have heard before that your chances of doing something multiplies by many factors if you:

  • ‘Think’ you will do it.
  • ‘Say’ you will do it.
  • ‘Write’ you will do it.
  • ‘Share’ with others that you will do it.

This happens because your Reticular Activating System (RAS) kicks in and releases more endorphins to your brains network of neurons that creates alertness, drive and creativity.

All of which are needed to set goals,  spot opportunities, come up with ideas to achieve them and chase them.     

Now how to improve and even maximise your focus?

Start by taking the step and understanding how this works in your body below is an interesting article on the RAS without going into medical terminology.


Knowing if you respond better to visual, audio or physical prompts will go a long way to staying focused on and achieving your goals.

Revisiting these with someone you trust is essential in keeping focused and this is something that is on the agenda of every single client 121 I have. In some cases, it is a footnote or reminder and in others, it is a key element of us making progress or a key step forward.

The Secret Of Great Time Management

We see this as a 2-sided headache for customers. Firstly, it’s based on motivation which is priority management and the second is structure and forming habits.

Have you ever given the excuse that you simply don’t have enough time? We bet you have! You aren’t saying that you don’t have enough time, what you are really saying is “that is not my priority at the moment”. The problem with this is that humans are programmed to prioritise short-term convenience and success over long-term happiness and success.

A lot of clients that come to Kan Do Ventures will tell us that they were meaning to do something but something else came up or a similar excuse. Our challenge to them is always the same – is it more important than achieving your goals. To put it bluntly to people, if it is a priority then make it YOUR priority. You need this challenge to keep you motivated towards your goals.

Moving Forward

Now you have overcome the desire for short-term convenience, you need to give yourself the opportunity to work on those priorities. This comes with structure and forming habits. The key is to be regular and consistent and to have regular and consistent time dedicated to your priorities. This time should reflect the importance of those priorities. Now it shouldn’t come before essential tasks such as paying your bills etc. This is why when you set priorities you need to include EVERYTHING – From finances to family and relationships to health & wellbeing. You will identify your priorities and you can dedicate the necessary time to them.

There are loads of time habit templates online but the key to all of them is to structure them so they cover all of your priorities. Personal and professional.

Billy Darroch, Kan Do Ventures Small Business Expert says:

Of all of the business headaches that I am covering for Kan Do Ventures,  time management is the single biggest change that any of us can make. I am yet to meet someone who can do it without help. You need accountability and someone that cares enough to challenge and support you. Having a support function in place is absolutely key to successful time management.

Billy Darroch, Kan Do Ventures

To summarise, you need to:

  • Identify your priorities
  • Fix your motivations
  • Be in the best position to structure your time and make good habits to meet your goals.

You can take a look at some time management template here https://www.lifehack.org/466815/14-time-management-templates-to-help-you-get-organised

Or book a free chat with Billy if you want more support to form good habits and prioritise https://kandoventures.com/free-consultation-call/

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