comfort zone

Having a voice which is valued and listened to

Some people might think if you’re the youngest and least experienced, your opinion isn’t valued. At Kan Do Ventures, I can always voice my opinion and know it won’t be ignored, but will be valued. When I first joined, I was nervous and not confident enough to disagree or add my own point of view. Three years down the line and they can’t shut me up!!

I haven’t got as much experience as the rest of the team, so initially I felt my opinion didn’t matter. But I soon realised that isn’t the case here! My opinion is just as valid, and positively encouraged as I have a fresh perspective. We are always aiming for the right outcome for the business and our clients, so all opinions are welcomed.

Getting involved to learn

Having an experienced team around me with knowledge of different sectors has enabled me to learn every day. Previously, I would have sat and absorbed as much as possible, but I’ve realised I learn more by being actively involved. In the past I have sat and not understood a conversation because I was too shy to ask a question. Now I always ask if I have a question, as we will all benefit and come to a better outcome. If I don’t understand something, I know the team will all be wanting to help. 

In the time I’ve been working for Kan Do Ventures, I’ve been out of my comfort zone at times, but I know it will only help me in the long run. It’s easy to get too comfortable in a role and just get on with day-to-day tasks. 

It’s amazing what working in an experienced team with people who actually want to help and make a difference ‘Kan’ do! I still struggle with confidence sometimes, but I’m working on it and will hopefully it’ll happen less and less often in the near future! 

Exam stress

Risky business?!

Exam nightmares

So, this time last week I was getting over sitting two exams – I swore I’d never do any more exams after university!!  Immediately after the exam, I panicked about whether I’d missed out important points or misread questions.  After a week of time to reflect, I feel more confident and hope I’ve done enough to pass the exams!  However, the exams were definitely more difficult than I anticipated, especially considering one of the exams was multiple choice. 

I’ve always hated taking exams, from school right through to my finals.  I tried hard to find subjects with more coursework especially if it reduced the number of exams I had to sit.  Throughout university, I tried to pick the modules of interest to me but without exams if possible.  But to study an IRM course, I knew I’d have to sit exams. 

A new set of skills

I wanted to specialise in a subject and bring new skills to the Kan Do Ventures team.  My background has always been in sport but I’m struggling to apply this knowledge in my day-to-day job.  I was unsure about what to specialise in, but after reading about risk, I was excited to get started! 

To be honest, when studying the IRM Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management, I found distance learning quite difficult. I definitely learn better by attending classes and learning from the experiences of others who are also studying.  However, the flexibility of distance learning has allowed me to study alongside working and gaining experience in risk management. 

I had no understanding of risk terminology or standards, so I started from scratch with both modules I studied.  It took a while to get my head around it, as had to understand the basics of the first module before I could apply it in the second.

Underestimating the importance of risk

During my time gaining experience of risk management, it became immediately obvious how different sectors manage risk in different ways.  Many businesses don’t see risk as an important aspect to consider as part of every day operations. But if risk is considered and managed correctly, it can prevent major issues and also help organisations to identify opportunities. 

Hopefully when I receive my results next year, I will have passed and I can enrol on the diploma to further my understanding of the topic.  The subject is really interesting to me and I’m excited to apply my new knowledge, and really add value to Kan Do Ventures and our clients.