Welcome to Kan Do Ventures

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A Bespoke Business Management Consultancy


Welcome to Kan Do Ventures

A Bespoke Business Management Consultancy

Better Process. Better Workflow.

Kan Do Ventures is a bespoke business management consultancy, helping companies improve their business processes, deliver better projects and prepare for future growth.  Our team of professionals from sectors such as transport, pharmaceuticals and banking use their experience as engineers and project managers to support clients who need our help.  We deliver a personalised service to clients, clearly understanding their problems and providing a bespoke solution in order to help them develop and drive forward their own business.

We help clients clearly understand the issues that they face and provide a range of solutions that will enable them to develop and drive forward their own business.  This ranges from managing multi-million-pound projects or delivering focused business improvements, to improving their accounting processes or supporting organisational design.  Whatever the challenge, our team works with clients to really understand what will make the most difference, and lead to sustainable improvement in the long term.

Each member of our diverse team has been selected to work with Kan Do Ventures because of their ‘Kan Do’ attitude and logical approach to improving performance.  Our constructive and encouraging approach to working with companies also places a huge amount of importance on working positively with people – after all businesses are only as good as the people that run them.

What we can offer…

Kan Do Ventures can offer a number of different services, tailored to your specific requirements, to drive performance, improve efficiency and ultimately impact your profitability.

Our work is currently in three main areas: project management in the transport sector; helping large clients become more efficient organisations; and helping small to medium enterprises create the right business processes that will enable them to grow.

Being a small business, we are able to be flexible in our approach to provide the most value to any client.  So, whether a client needs a one-off consultation, or a member of the Kan Do Ventures team fully integrated into their organisation, we can provide it.

We are able to spend time working with the relevant people within your business, understanding the specific problems, and developing a bespoke solution.  We are passionate about delivering simple, practical solutions that can be embedded within your business, and are driven by enthusiasm for a challenge, clarifying where changes can bring real value, and supporting your people to deliver and embed these changes.

In addition, we have a significant amount of experience of mentoring and coaching individuals in relation to professional registration, job interviews and leadership skills.  Supporting your people to reach their potential will compliment performance improvements within your business.

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“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”

Tony Robbins