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Chun-Kit Kan and Amy Upton meeting about a contact for Kan Do Ventures.

How to tender for opportunities in the UK  

Learn how to take the first steps in winning goverment and public contracts.
Henry Ford quote on a laptop screen - The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing

Embracing Rejection

Take rejection and turn it into a learning opportunity
Billy Darroch from Kan Do Ventures speaking to a small business owner. YThey are sat at a table in a coffee shop

Building Personal Resilience as a Small Business Owner: Key Tips for Success  

Running a small business is a journey filled with ups and downs.…
Chun-Kit Kan focusing on his laptop. He is sat in the window of a coffee shop in Macclesfield

Focus – It’s all about biology

I want to start by addressing the elephant in the room. I…
Chun-Kit Kan sits with Karel Garcia discussing time management tools

The Secret Of Great Time Management

We see this as a 2-sided headache for customers. Firstly, it’s…
Alice Kan writing a pricing structure on her laptop

Pricing – Getting it right, first time.

When it comes to pricing we want you to first go back to blog…
The Power of Yes

The Power Of Yes

How saying yes and meaning it can have a positive impact on your life and mental attitude
Chun-Kit Kan completing a deadlift in the gym. The gym is owned by Vikki Thomas of VT Personal Training

A day fuelled by Kickback Coffee

Read all about a typical day for the director of Kan Do Ventures - Chun-Kit Kan