Chun-Kit Kan and Amy Upton meeting about a contact for Kan Do Ventures.

How to tender for opportunities in the UK  

Learn how to take the first steps in winning goverment and public contracts.
Henry Ford quote on a laptop screen - The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing

Embracing Rejection

Take rejection and turn it into a learning opportunity
Alice Kan, Chun-Kit Kan, Amy Upton and Karel Garcia sat together outside a coffee shop in Manchester.

The Crucial Role of Family and Friends in Supporting Business Owners

Starting and running a business can be an exhilarating yet challenging…

One of the Top 50 Women in Engineering 2022

When I heard that I had been selected as one of the Women’s…
Amy Corfield is project manager at Kan Do Ventrues. Amy is photographed stood in a market square. The background is not in focus. Her light blonde hair is shoulder length and she is wearing a navy sweatshirt. She is smiling broadly.

A Day In The Life Of – Amy Corfield

I am a consultant at Kan Do Ventures and owner of two crazy…
The Power of Yes

The Power Of Yes

How saying yes and meaning it can have a positive impact on your life and mental attitude
Chun-Kit Kan completing a deadlift in the gym. The gym is owned by Vikki Thomas of VT Personal Training

A day fuelled by Kickback Coffee

Read all about a typical day for the director of Kan Do Ventures - Chun-Kit Kan

Taking a step back to move forward

Always too busy Running a business is time-consuming, and…

Start small but be consistent…

It's that time again, when many people's thoughts turn to making…
comfort zone

Having a voice which is valued and listened to

Some people might think if you’re the youngest and least experienced,…