Amy Corfield is project manager at Kan Do Ventrues. Amy is photographed stood in a market square. The background is not in focus. Her light blonde hair is shoulder length and she is wearing a navy sweatshirt. She is smiling broadly.

A Day In The Life Of – Amy Corfield

I am a consultant at Kan Do Ventures and owner of two crazy kittens. Here is a typical working day for me. Kan Do Ventures really support a great work life balance for the team and I make sure I have time for the things that make me happy and relaxed. Cooking, running and cats (when they are not fighting!)

I wake up at – 6:00am

The first thing I do is – Open the bedroom door and let Thor & Loki in.

Before work I like to – Go for a run

I start work at – 8am ish. Kittens allowing!

Not sure where one cat ends and the other begins – Thor and Loki up to mischief

Three things always on my desk – Laptop, water & normally food!

Typical morning tasks – Once I have had a run or gone to the gym pre-lockdown, I then have breakfast and feed the cats. I then get on with work checking emails and having calls to get ready for the day.

For lunch I usually eat – Whatever we had for tea the night before. There’s no point cooking twice!!

From my desk I can see – The wall, not very inspiring but we’re getting furniture collected from the office soon and will be rearranging, which means recently I’ve been set up in the kitchen. It’s better here as I can see the garden.

Amy’s desk. Checking out Kan Do Ventures website and eating cake

The best bit about what I do is – Sounds cheesy but it’s definitely the team, I love working with these guys.

Typical afternoon tasks – This varies each day with work tasks. I have ongoing projects and jobs that have come up in my morning calls. One thing is always the same, I’m normally telling Thor & Loki to stop playing with everything they shouldn’t be or to stop attacking the dining chairs.

Before I finish work – I check I’ve done everything I needed to or said I would do for the day, I like to know I am signing off having achieved what I needed to.

After work I like to – Cook something for dinner (and lunch the next day) exercise again if I can, tidy the house (the cats make a mess not me!) I also like to watch TV, spend time with Thor & Loki – and my fiance Tom I suppose ;-)