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A Word on Alice Kan

It’s been a strange year to say the least. We have all made changes we didn’t think we would ever make and made sacrifices we really never wanted to. Kan Do Ventures like all businesses was affected by COVID, especially as we went into lockdown. Both Chun-Kit Kan and Alice Kan have worked tirelessly to […]

Escaping the tick-box mentality

Following a fantastic few days in Portugal with the team on a Carla Gilder Fitness holiday, it seemed an appropriate time to stop and reflect on how we do things. The way we work and how we implement policies within Kan Do Venture is something I’m incredibly proud of. We pride ourselves on doing things […]

Do you dare to be different?

What does it mean to be different?  In the current age of social media, I regularly see posts with people all trying to look the same, doing the same thing and trying to be part of the cool crowd.  What does it say about you if you’re not run of the mill?  Can you succeed at school, work, […]