A Word on Alice Kan

It’s been a strange year to say the least. We have all made changes we didn’t think we would ever make and made sacrifices we really never wanted to. Kan Do Ventures like all businesses was affected by COVID, especially as we went into lockdown. Both Chun-Kit Kan and Alice Kan have worked tirelessly to make Kan Do Ventures a success giving up time and ploughing all their energy into the business.

With business reduced and overheads to pay, difficult decisions needed to be made. It wasn’t just business finances but personal finance pressures to weigh up as well. It was a huge step but one that was necessary in order to secure the future of the business and to be able to continue to support her family. Alice really wanted to stay at Kan Do Ventures but made a huge sacrifice for the benefit of the business and decided to leave. We are so proud of Alice for taking this action and she is now doing something that makes us equally proud. Alice is now Programme Manager for COVID-19 vaccine manufacture at Wockhardt Ltd. It’s such an important role that will help Wockhardt fill finish vaccines from the AstraZeneca and Oxford University Partnership.

We think this makes Alice a double hero and we just wanted everyone else to know what a superstar she is.

It was never a dress.