MEN Awards 2019

It’s not the winning…

This time last week, our team (and supporters) were reflecting on a fantastic night at the Manchester Evening News Business Awards. Being finalists in the One To Watch category, alongside Nadine Merabi and the winners of the category, Code Nation, makes us so proud.

It was disappointing not to win, but we celebrated like we had! We know that being included as a finalist is something to celebrate. We were by far the smallest business there, but felt we belonged, as we have big ideas for the future. Hearing from the finalists across all categories was inspiring, particularly knowing that they have all been where we are now.

Taking the positives

It’s easy to feel intimidated by businesses who are hugely successful, when we are still on the early part of our business adventure. But hearing from other businesses, who were once where we are now, was so inspiring and has really increased our determination to succeed.

Before the end of the year, we are taking the positives we heard, and developing a really exciting business plan. Having a goal which inspires the team to aim higher than we thought possible, so that next year, we can enter a different category.

Faking it until we make it

KDV MEN Awards
Double winners at the MEN Awards 2020?!!

We may not have won, but we borrowed two awards for our vision board for 2020! Thanks to two other winners, we have created our vision for next year. And before anyone asks, yes we did return the awards!!

So what does the next year hold for Kan Do Ventures? Growing our client portfolio, expanding our team of passionate individuals and finding even more ways to have a lasting positive impact on the businesses we work with.

With a great team, an inspiring goal and plenty of hard work, I know we can make it a reality.

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