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A Day In The Life Of – Amy Corfield

I am a consultant at Kan Do Ventures and owner of two crazy kittens. Here is a typical working day for me. Kan Do Ventures really support a great work life balance for the team and I make sure I have time for the things that make me happy and relaxed. Cooking, running and cats […]

Having a voice which is valued and listened to

Some people might think if you’re the youngest and least experienced, your opinion isn’t valued. At Kan Do Ventures, I can always voice my opinion and know it won’t be ignored, but will be valued. When I first joined, I was nervous and not confident enough to disagree or add my own point of view. […]

Risky business?!

Exam nightmares So, this time last week I was getting over sitting two exams – I swore I’d never do any more exams after university!!  Immediately after the exam, I panicked about whether I’d missed out important points or misread questions.  After a week of time to reflect, I feel more confident and hope I’ve done enough […]

Living with Ménière’s

Losing my hearing At 15, I noticed my hearing deteriorated quite suddenly.  “Your ears will just need to be syringed,” I was told, which wasn’t a surprise as I’d always suffered with ear infections. So I went to the doctor. When my hearing still hadn’t returned to normal a few days later, I started to […]